Relaxation Aerial Yoga


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A free relaxation aerial yoga class for employees of HSHS and Prevea.

When: Sunday January 28th at 7:30 pm

Also referred to as Antigravity yoga, this practice combines traditional yoga paired with a suspended Aerial hammock. The hammock is used as a support so far less pressure is placed upon your joints. It also allows you to perform moves that you wouldn’t be able to do on the floor. Improve the way you move, revitalize your body and soul and redefine your workout! Benefits include: ~Core strengthening and muscle defining with optimal flexibility ~Improved balance, movement, and yoga form ~Maximum results enhanced by gravity ~Inversion Therapy – spinal decompression and pain relief -great for back and joint pain ~Improved focus ~ Ultimate cocooning experience with mindfulness and sensory comfort as your body contours are caressed by silk ~ Exhilarating aerial sensations ~ Revitalized body and soul with increased joy, satisfaction and balance.