New to the Studio

Getting Started at Studio Sky

First of all, “Hi! Welcome to Studio Sky!” 

Studio Sky started as Sky Yoga in 2017. Rachel and Tristen purchased it in 2021 and have committed themselves to providing the same welcoming, positive, energizing space that they both fell in love with years ago. 

Studio Sky is a unique place where people of all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds can laugh together, encourage each other, and help one another on their fitness journey. (And truth be told, it is the MOST FUN fitness journey ever!)

Aerial is for EveryBODY!

Yes, we mean it! Everyone can do aerial. We took a look at our classes and evaluated whether or not they were actually “beginner friendly.” Some of them were, and some of them weren’t. So… we changed them. We have made sure that all of our Level 1 classes are accessible for all beginners in the following ways:

  • We can adjust the height of each apparatus to what you are most comfortable with. 
  • Our level 1 sequences don’t include any inversions or things that require pull-up strength.
  • Most of our level 1 classes are in the “low room” for a reason. We can work on grip strength, flexibility, and full body conditioning without being 6ft in the air. 
  • Our instructors are knowledgable in modifications as needed.
  • No pose or sequence is ever required! If you don’t feel comfortable, that’s ok! 

How do I get signed up for classes?

We have drastically simplified the process to getting started at our studio. We realized that it was not only time consuming to take all the intro workshops for each apparatus, but that it was also really expensive.

There are two options for getting started with classes at Studio Sky. 

OPTION 1: If you are interested in all the apparatuses the studio has to offer, our New Member Workshop is what you’re looking for. By taking the new member workshop, you’re automatically approved for all of our level 1 classes in pole, lyra, silks and hammock. We’ll go over safety, basic skills and terminology, and let you get acquainted with each apparatus. We’ll also talk about our app, talk about class pricing, answer any questions you may have, etc. You’ll also receive our New Member booklet that outlines all the level 1 skills for each apparatus, FAQ, and a few other bonuses. The New Member Workshop is only $50! 

Our upcoming New Member Workshop dates are listed on the sign up page below. 

Option 2: If you are interested in only taking pole classes, aerial yoga, and/or yin yoga, you can sign up for a class by clicking the “Yoga and Pole Classes Only” button below.  Please note, if you would like to sign up for hammock, silks, lyra, you’ll still need to take our New Member Workshop. 


We are often asked, “I am so out of shape. Can I come to class?” The answer is always YES!! When Rachel started aerial hammock in 2019, she couldn’t pull herself up into even the most basic poses. Everyone starts somewhere, and that’s exactly what our instructors and fellow students encourage you to do: START!

A few frequently asked questions about the studio, classes, and atmosphere:

“What do I wear?”

  • We recommend leggings and some kind of shirt that covers the midriff area for most classes. Even our beginner pole classes can wear leggings and a t-shirt. We want you to come in whatever you feel comfortable in. Rachel is usually running around the studio in pink fuzzy slippers and mismatched gym clothes. No judgement from us. 😉 We don’t allow sequins or zippers on the fabrics so keep that in mind.

“What if I can’t do a certain pose or sequence?”

  •  That’s ok! We all start somewhere! Our instructors can help you with modifications if needed. You’re also welcome to “skip over” certain poses or things that are difficult for you. If you have a medical limitation, feel free to give us a call ahead of time. We can talk through things with you and give your instructor a head’s up so they can best assist you. 

“Are there any weight restrictions?”

  • NO!  All of our aerial apparatuses are rigged to hold 3000+lbs. We can adjust our apparatuses as high or as close to the ground as needed. Our bungee harnesses are able to fit up to a 43” waist. If you would like to try bungee but are unsure about the fit of the harness, you are more than welcome to stop by before class and try one on.