Classes and Workshops at Studio Sky

Whether you want to try something new, are looking for a fun way to get in shape, have kids obsessed with climbing on things, or are just looking to relax, Studio Sky is for you! We offer weekly classes and workshops in aerial hammock, pole, aerial silks, lyra, bungee, and yoga- no matter your fitness level. 

We pride ourselves in being inclusive and welcoming to all skill levels, body types, and ages. The only limitations in any aerial apparatus at our studio are those you set for yourself. Mindset can be both a powerful ally and a destructive force. We want to help you overcome negativity, both inside and out, and find your inner strength, confidence, and peace. We can’t wait to show you what you are capable of!

Weekly Classes

See all our weekly class offerings by clicking the photo above. Weekly classes can be purchased individually, with class packs, or attended an unlimited amount with one of our monthly memberships. 


We offer various workshops each month including intro workshops, specialty apparatuses, guest instructor sessions, yoga, and much more! Workshops need to be purchased separately from weekly classes. Most workshops are $30, but prices may vary. Click the photo above to see what is on the schedule for this month! 

Class Descriptions

Click the links below to learn more about each of our apparatuses and the classes we offer. 

Hammock Classes

If your new to aerial, hammock is the place to start! Also called “aerial sling,” the fabric is tied in a way to create a loop. This makes it easier for beginners to work on strength and mobility.  

Lyra Classes

Lyra is also called “hoop” or “aerial hoop.” It is a stainless steel hoop hung at various heights from the ceiling (depending on the skills we’re working on.) 

Silks Classes

Aerial Silks is another fabric apparatus we offer. The difference between silks and hammock is that the fabric is tied to create a loop for hammock, and the fabric is tied to create two separate panels for silks.  Silks requires much more upper body and grip strength than hammock as in order to do any tricks, you have to climb the panels. It’s a great workout! 

Bungee Classes

You’ve seen it on TikTok and Instagram, Bungee is the most fun workout you’ll ever have! Bungee is a low-impact, high cardio class that combines conditioning, choreography, and fun! 

Yoga Classes

We have multiple different style yoga classes each week including: aerial yoga, aerial soundbathing, vinyasa, theme yoga nights, and yin yoga. These classes are perfect for calming the mind and body, reducing stress, and much more! 

Pole Classes

The poles are all installed and our classes are taking off. Pole fitness is a great full body workout that is fun and energizing. We have certified instructors to teach you new skills and also have open times throughout the week for you to practice on your own.