Hammock Classes

Hammock classes

See the descriptions below to find your next favorite class!

Aerial Flexibility

Aerial meets yoga! This class is designed to focus on specific muscles and body mobility commonly used in aerial arts. The class will incorporate yoga poses and the fabric for a deep and comfortable stretch. Each week a specific muscle group will be focused on to help release tension and build muscle memory to enhance your aerial practice. This class is fun and upbeat, all while increasing our flexibility. This is a beginner friendly class!

Aerial Flow

Students will be guided through an Aerial warm-up with stretching and strengthening before moving into aerial skills. This is an intermediate level class, so students should be at Hammock Sequencing Level 2 or above. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to set up. Wearing a shirt with sleeves is recommended to protect armpit area. Please remove rings and bracelets/watches prior to class. This class is best suited for those that have taken a few aerial classes.

Fit to the Core

This class will focus on strengthening arms and core and incorporating a new skill every week! We will work on conditioning to help build the "aerial" muscles that will help you to achieve your aerial goals. Unique exercises will be done with and without the aerial to leave you feeling strong. 

Hammock Sequencing 1

This class is for anyone who is interested in progressing their aerial movements. You will learn simple transitions from skill to skill as you move through the aerial. This class is the perfect next step for those who have taken the New Member Workshop and want to learn more! Leggings are recommended, no shorts.

Hammock Sequencing 2

This class is for those that have taken a few Hammock Sequencing 1 classes and are comfortable with the Level 1 skills. Level 1 skill lists can be found at the studio. This class focuses on more complex sequences, inversions, and more! Leggings are recommended, no shorts.

Open Aerial

Use this 60 minute class to practice what YOU want! Open Aerial is just that, free time to play, but with the added benefit of having an instructor there for questions and safety. All experience levels welcome! Please take an Intro to Aerial class before attending Open Aerial. It is recommended to wear a shirt that covers your armpits. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to set up. Please remove rings and bracelets/watches prior to class to protect the Aerial fabric.