About Studio Sky

Our Story

The studio was founded by Shantel Kristian in October 2017 under the name “Sky Yoga.” Shantel poured her heart and soul into renovating the beautiful studio space and sharing her love of yoga and aerial arts with those around her. 

In November 2019, Rachel Lane walked into Sky Yoga hoping to have some fun with her daughter to make up for a missed Thanksgiving vacation. That day changed her life forever. 

Rachel immediately fell in love with aerial. It wasn’t easy, but she loved the challenge. The bruises and aerial burns were real, but she kept going back. Over the next 9 months, she would end up losing almost 40 lbs and finding muscles she never knew she had. Rachel tried Lyra for the first time in June 2020 and discovered her ultimate passion. 

Rachel continued to be an active member of the studio up until she became an instructor in July 2021, teaching beginner level Lyra classes and filling in occasionally for her fellow instructors. 

When Shantel reached out to Rachel about buying the studio in September 2021, it was a huge shock!  Sky Yoga was her happy place. The thought of being able to bring this amazing art to others as a studio owner was so exciting! Rachel recruited her friend, Tristen Lang, as her business partner and started putting together a plan. 

Roughly a month later, Studio Sky was official. Since true yoga hadn’t been a main focus for the studio for a little over a year pre-purchase, Rachel and Tristen decided to give the studio a more all-encompassing name while staying true to it’s roots. 

Studio Sky wouldn’t be here  today without Shantel’s vision and Sky Yoga. Rachel and Tristen hope to continue sharing her passion, energy, and love for all things aerial for years to come.