Studio Pricing

Studio Pricing

Studio Pricing Update!

After listening to our student feedback and looking at the numbers, we are making some changes to our studio pricing as of August 1st, 2022. 

We are no longer offering any unlimited monthly memberships. Membership contracts will be honored through the end of their current contract term. Please contact us directly if you have any questions about your contract. 

Instead of unlimited monthly memberships, we have reduced our overall class pricing and created more class pack options. Our single weekly classes are now only $15 instead of $25!

 We also created an affordable option for open studio time for self-led practice in the low aerial room and the pole room. These open times don’t have an instructor present. This is a great time for you to work on different skills you have learned in your weekly classes or to just lay in the hammock and relax. 

Studio Class Pack options:

These class packs can be used for any of our instructor-led weekly classes (including open aerial in the big aerial room.)

Single Class    $15

5 Class Pack    $75

10 Class Pack   $140

15 Class Pack  $195

20 Class Pack    $250

Self Practice class Packs

These class packs can be used for any of our open classes that do not have an instructor present: Open Bungee, Open Low Aerial, and Open Pole

5 Class Pack    $40

10 Class Pack   $75

Ready to get started in aerial?

Sign up for our “New Member Workshop!

By taking the new member workshop, you’re automatically approved for all of our level 1 classes in pole, bungee, lyra, silks and hammock. We’ll go over safety, basic skills and terminology, and let you get acquainted with each apparatus. We’ll also talk about our app, make sure you get logged in to Virtuagym, talk about class pricing, answer any questions you may have, etc. You’ll also receive our New Member booklet that outlines all the level 1 skills for each apparatus, FAQ, and a few other bonuses. The New Member Workshop is only $50! (This is a $75 savings compared to the old way of doing things!) Children and Adults are welcome to attend the new member workshop. For children that would like to attend, please make sure that a parent/guardian is able to attend the first 30 min of the session.